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During a business meeting in 2003, I met a Pilates instructor and took her up on an offer to try a private class, WOW!  I loved the movement, I had finally found an exercise program I could enjoy. My body started getting stronger, my posture and balance was improved and I was no longer concerned about falling and injuring myself.  

After almost a decade of being a consistent Pilates student, I had the opportunity to enroll in a Polestar Pilates certification course that was developed and taught by physical therapists. 

    When I completed the course, I knew that I had to own a Pilates Studio. Fortunately, Kendall Yards was just developing the business district and I was able to secure a great space in this beautiful Urban Community.

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    Jade Van is a certified STOTT PILATES instructor. She began her love affair with Pilates after college and found herself drawn to the fluidity, attention to detail and rehabilitative qualities. She started her journey to becoming an instructor in 2011 in San Diego at Marshall Eklund Pilates and finished her training at Pacific North West Pilates in Portland Or. Jade has completed the Injury and Special Populations course, as well and believes in Pilates as a tool to strengthen and mend the body.

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    Alex Graeber is a certified Peak Pilates instructor.  She has always had a love for health and wellness.  After college Alex decided to further her passion for movement by enrolling to become a Personal Trainer, with a nutrition certification.  Through Personal Training she found Pilates and immediately fell in love with the movement.  Having hip dysplasia she found Pilates to be one of the only exercise programs she could do without hip pain. She enrolled in a Peak Pilates certification in 2015, and has continued her education since.  Alex has been teaching Pilates for 6 years.  If you don’t see her in the studio teaching you can find her hiking, waterskiing, downhill skiing, cc skiing, swimming, or walking her chocolate lab.




    Antony is a native of London, England. He is a former professional rugby player with nine years of experience playing in the English Premier league. On receiving a career ending back injury, he was introduced to Pilates as a way of rehabilitating his back, and fell in love with the system. He moved to New York City, and immediately started training to be a Pilates instructor. After a two year apprenticeship with one of New York’s leading Pilates instructors, he became a teacher and worked at studios and with private clients all over Manhattan. His clients ranged from injured Broadway and NYC Ballet/ABT dancers, actors, Wall Street bankers and ‘ladies who lunch’ on the Upper East Side. He also taught the Lotte Berk Method at the famous Lotte Berk brownstone at E67th and Madison Ave. Deciding to move to Los Angeles, he has continued to work as an in-demand Pilates teacher, and has worked for Equinox, Crunch Fitness, Hunt Pilates and with many private clients in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles. In 2015, he was voted by LA Weekly magazine “Los Angeles’s Best Pilates Instructor”. He is equally at home teaching private sessions or group classes, and loves to incorporate all Pilates equipment and techniques in ever session. Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ballet bar, and Mat work - whatever the client needs. He believes strongly in Joseph Pilates’s statement that we “teach the body in front of us”. Antony is certified by Ron Fletcher Pilates and Stott Pilates, the Lotte Berk Method and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. 

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    Miranda has been a Certified Pilates Instructor since 2012.  She officially trained with Shelly Stephenson of Balanced Body Univ. Pilates in Portland, OR, while she was also receiving training from her then local, co-teachers in Corvallis, OR.  She came from a Yoga teaching background and has been teaching Yoga since 2007.  In 2018, after becoming a mother to her first child, her teaching went into a transmutation, like a caterpillar in a cocoon.  After her second child was born in 2020, it became clear she needed to evolve her own physical practices into a more strength based lens, and train her body for sustainability.  This meant more strength training, more awareness of women’s bodies & pregnant/postpartum bodies, but also more rest & ease. She teaches her classes with the intention for her students to grow  their awareness of their own bodies, build strength as much as flexibility and to build community.  She is also a Postpartum Care Provider, LMT specializing in Holistic Pelvic Care™ & CranialSacral Therapy, and a stay at home mom.  She enjoys daydreaming, road trips, travel, and balancing downtime with time spent with friends and family.  Her website is

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    Jessie holds Bachelors degrees from Eastern Washington University. She began a daily mat Pilates regimen just out of college, in the early 2000s. She has always had a passion for fitness, nutrition, and overall wellbeing. Through serendipity, she bid on a Pilates reformer package for Core Pilates and Wellness at a local auction in 2022. She took her first Pilates reformer class in May 2022 and was immediately hooked. She is currently finishing Polestar Reformer and Mat Pilates training. Jessie is passionate about the physical and mental benefits of a regular Pilates program. She loves helping others find the strength and confidence that Pilates can create in the practitioner. 

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    Lily Crytser began her practice of Pilates in September of 2021. After suffering years of chronic pain, Pilates was one of the only things she hadn’t tried. Needless to say she was hooked! With time and dedication she got stronger, and in October of 2022, she began the Polestar Pilates Teacher Training. Now you can find her teaching group and private sessions in the studio, as well as continuing to attend classes throughout the week. When not in the studio, she enjoys gardening and hiking, as well as running a small business with her husband Jack.

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    Danielle has a passion for fitness, movement and education. Her love for movement started with sports and dance, with dance ultimately winning out where she taught and performed Salsa professionally in the Middle East and Europe. After moving to Spokane and completing her Doctorate degree in 2021, she walked by Core Pilates Studio and Wellness and fell in love with the Pilates equipment. She started attending classes regularly and soon knew that her next challenge was to become a Polestar Pilates International instructor. 

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